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Monday, June 15, 2009

let us eat cake

My ma's friend invited us over for a little celebration of her daughter Sunia's birthday. A little swimming, a little cake....what a day! We had a lot of fun of course, it's always a great time with Aunty Masooda and Sunia bhaji. I especially like it when there's food involved. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNIA BHAJI!!!

I felt I should inspect the pool and equipment before the other girls got in, can't be too careful ya know

Sunia's friend "jee jee" (I think). I'm not picky, whomever cares to cater to my whims is welcome

I was supposed to be kicking....but when you're being pulled around why bother!?

NOW I'm kicking!

PHEW, that was hard work....a little olive and mushroom pizza will restore those calories

It's not that I'm budging in line for's that I'm budging in line for MORE cake.....inhaling doesn't take long ladies, ya snooze ya looze.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

gettin' desi wit it....

Last Sunday ammi and I went to the Desi Roots festival in Alpharetta. There were so many brown people there, I thought I was back in Lahore! The nasty heat also led me to believe we were back in the desert. Who knew all this existed right here in the Southern U.S.? We were joined by Danny bhai (brother). He goes to our church and likes to learn about other cultures. He's also part Indian, but not the same as the ones we saw--wonder if this is where he figured that out, he is darker than the others after all.

Traditional Punjabi dancing. Some of my very own people still do this sort of thing-only in the other Punjab (there's two, one in India and one in Pakistan)

Afterward I was asked, as usual, to give my autograph. I just can't go anywhere anymore.

The best seat in the house.

Once we saw the stand with all the flags we naturally had to represent.

Next to the music and dancing, this was my favorite part! weeeeeeeeee

I'll now know the response to give when ammi asks "hey Ezzah, how about some coconut water?!" "NO WAY!". She sure made it sound exciting....but that stuff was nasty!

Lo favorite!