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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun...oops, rain

Last weekend ammi and I headed down to West Palm Beach Florida to see my "aunty" Holly get married. Ami had told me for two weeks we were going to the beach-but after 4 days of rain I'm not sure it lived up to the build up. I will say, there was about a total of 2 hours we managed to enjoy a little dryness, and even some sun.

We left the house at 4:30am to head to the airport. By 5:15 we were on the parking shuttle. FIVE A.M. seriously!

Waiting for the plane was torture. BUT IT'S RIGHT THERE!!

We finally caught up with the Grime's for the "night before the wedding dinner". Since there was no rehearsal that's the best I can come up with. Anna Piper and I had a good time re-arranging the chess pieces outside. She's very fun, and knows all about the horsies on the chess board.

Ammi was running around taking pictures (as usual), so I hung out with memaw Grimes waiting for the bride (and messing up my clothes)

Ammi was giving me a bit of a talking to after the wedding. I think I went a little too far trying to blow out the unity candle during the prayer. I didn't want everyone to take off to the reception and burn down the hotel after all.

Anna P. and I caught up with one another at the reception for a little play time. Thankfully I got to change my clothes so I could get anything on my outfit I wanted.

On Sunday I was invited to Anna's for breakfast. Blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon YUMMMY! Afterward there was about 15 min of no rain-no sun either, but at least no rain. I wasn't thrilled with the waves, so I hung out building sandcastles.

Finally Monday before we left we met up with the Grime's for a quick lunch and swim. Uncle Ross gave me a pretty cool lesson in airplanes!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just doing what I do best

Ami loves to take pictures, and I love to have my picture taken. Perhaps this is why we get along so well. The first two have been slightly edited, the rest are originals. I hope one day to get paid in more than goldfish.

Mmmm Mmmm Achaaaa (good)

Ami and I drove a couple hours north to South Carolina for lunch. Or, at least that's all I got out of it. We stopped at this BBQ place out in the middle of nowhere. Although, I've learned in the South pretty much everything is in the middle of nowhere.

Thought to stop and pose. In my best hillybilly voice "well, y'all c'mon in and have sum dinner. yee haw y'all!!!"

Despite the giant pig outside on the sign, all I got was a empty plate. Mom said we don't eat pork, but does that mean we don't eat anything???

This has got to be the best beef brisket I've ever had! Ami mixed some spicy and mild sauce for me and I ate more meat here than I have my whole life!

Ami let me have pie even! I mean, c'mon, you can't have BBQ without coconut pie!!! She bet me I couldn't put this whole bite in my mouth.....

......I'll take that bet!

Really?! You get to wash your hands in the dining room here!!! RIGHT ON!

Shewww eeee I am tired! I had to stop and let my belly out before I could get back in the car.