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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shake ya booty

My ma and I met up with Aunty Masooda and Sunia bhaji last week for Turkish food and some belly dancing. Mom and Aunty Sooda smoked a lot of sheesha and took a lot of pictures, but they won't let me post them. Oh well, as always I'm up for dancing, photos, and posting.

Every performer needs a back-up dancer!

Aysha and I exchanged belly dancing tips

Sunia and I had a great time hanging out and waiting for the mom's.

These hips don't lie

Mmmmm, Turkish food.....yummy.

Stone Mountain

A trip up to Stone Mountain made for quite an adventure. We didn't walk up it though, we took the "helicopter" up. A wonderful view was waiting at the top!

Me and my reflection make the best dance partners

"funny face"

Monday, August 17, 2009


my surprise two months after marriage, and my blessing 9 months later

the pat (slap) on the face declaring 'i need a waffle momma' on a Saturday morning

ever ready at the end of a long day when I'm at the end of my rope to see what I have left in me

my little compulsive toddler, who won't listen through the end of a bedtime prayer if the door is even cracked "close the door momma, close the door momma, the door is open momma, close the door momma"

a smile that provides me with a burst of energy no amount of caffeine could

eyes that shine as bright as the night stars, and remind me sweetly, sadly, of her dad

a laugh, even when fake, can bring out joy in anyone who hears it

a constant 'why momma' that is not defiant or rebellious in any way-rather a true desire to understand what is going on, proven by the fact she will repeat the information later when the situation repeats itself

the ever comforting, holding up to her name-sake, with a ready "it'll be okay" and a hug for any person in need

the sneeker of smiles when she's supposed to be pouting (drama queen)

the broadway diva twirling in her dress singing "dancing queen"

the bolloywood diva dancing to the latest (or greatest) movie song all while trying to learn the steps

the lover of books, photography, great music, and great food

the fighter of bedtime cuddled in my arms, and the foot in my back in he middle of the night

who has her mother's inherent love of ice cream and talking

who has her father's ability to eat spices and prefers to take things easy

who has taught me patience, understanding, and how to no longer be on time for anything she is going to

and while I know if the Lord has the days in store for us, we will one day try to find the common ground between the bikini she wants to wear and the burkah I have laid out for her

and while we will most likely not listen to the same music or speak the same language, as most teenagers and parents do not;

I hope that ShE.E. will hold on to the values being taught her today, remember those who love her dearly, and keep the love for life she possesses

Thursday, August 13, 2009

up to the south

Ma and I took a trip to see the family up in Arkansas. My ma has a hard time not referring to Arkansas as "down there" although we are even further down now. The Greenway picnic serves as a little family reunion for us, and it's become quite a good time for me as well.

I think my ma thinks I won't remember to seek revenge when I grow up

The rides at the picnic are simple, and yet quite entertaining

For dinner or for plastic must always fish when visiting Arkansas

They don't have much here, but that's okay, I'm easily satisfied

Well, everyone was doing it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last weekend my ma and I went to celebrate the upcoming Pakistan Independence Day anniversary. It was a quaint affair with just enough to keep me occupied.

Did a little face painting to show off the pride

Did a little eating.....yummy chicken biryani

Did a little jumping and playing

Did a little checkin' out boys

And even convinced my ma to join me for a photo. We had so show off our painted cheeks didn't we!?

And of course a little bit of dancing!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

And then they were one

My ma's great friend Masooda got married to a really cool guy David. We went to the wedding and I had a GREAT time dancing and eating. I even got to stay out until 11pm, I didn't notice what time it was I was having so much fun. We should do this more often.

Shake your groove thang, shake your groove thang, yeah yeah!

Maria Aunty. She's also from Afghanistan and she babysat me, I think my ma has her number on speed dial.

Getting a one on one lesson with the belly dancer (in front of everyone)

Sunia bhaji...she's very cool.

My favorite part of parties, next to dancing, is cake.

My ma and Masooda Aunty.

Getting a head start checkin' out the boys

American/Pakistani Idol

My ma said she's tired of listening to my cd with old McDonald on it---well, I'll show her, I've learned the words! Those, and the raining song.

Monday, June 15, 2009

let us eat cake

My ma's friend invited us over for a little celebration of her daughter Sunia's birthday. A little swimming, a little cake....what a day! We had a lot of fun of course, it's always a great time with Aunty Masooda and Sunia bhaji. I especially like it when there's food involved. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNIA BHAJI!!!

I felt I should inspect the pool and equipment before the other girls got in, can't be too careful ya know

Sunia's friend "jee jee" (I think). I'm not picky, whomever cares to cater to my whims is welcome

I was supposed to be kicking....but when you're being pulled around why bother!?

NOW I'm kicking!

PHEW, that was hard work....a little olive and mushroom pizza will restore those calories

It's not that I'm budging in line for's that I'm budging in line for MORE cake.....inhaling doesn't take long ladies, ya snooze ya looze.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

gettin' desi wit it....

Last Sunday ammi and I went to the Desi Roots festival in Alpharetta. There were so many brown people there, I thought I was back in Lahore! The nasty heat also led me to believe we were back in the desert. Who knew all this existed right here in the Southern U.S.? We were joined by Danny bhai (brother). He goes to our church and likes to learn about other cultures. He's also part Indian, but not the same as the ones we saw--wonder if this is where he figured that out, he is darker than the others after all.

Traditional Punjabi dancing. Some of my very own people still do this sort of thing-only in the other Punjab (there's two, one in India and one in Pakistan)

Afterward I was asked, as usual, to give my autograph. I just can't go anywhere anymore.

The best seat in the house.

Once we saw the stand with all the flags we naturally had to represent.

Next to the music and dancing, this was my favorite part! weeeeeeeeee

I'll now know the response to give when ammi asks "hey Ezzah, how about some coconut water?!" "NO WAY!". She sure made it sound exciting....but that stuff was nasty!

Lo favorite!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun in the Sun...oops, rain

Last weekend ammi and I headed down to West Palm Beach Florida to see my "aunty" Holly get married. Ami had told me for two weeks we were going to the beach-but after 4 days of rain I'm not sure it lived up to the build up. I will say, there was about a total of 2 hours we managed to enjoy a little dryness, and even some sun.

We left the house at 4:30am to head to the airport. By 5:15 we were on the parking shuttle. FIVE A.M. seriously!

Waiting for the plane was torture. BUT IT'S RIGHT THERE!!

We finally caught up with the Grime's for the "night before the wedding dinner". Since there was no rehearsal that's the best I can come up with. Anna Piper and I had a good time re-arranging the chess pieces outside. She's very fun, and knows all about the horsies on the chess board.

Ammi was running around taking pictures (as usual), so I hung out with memaw Grimes waiting for the bride (and messing up my clothes)

Ammi was giving me a bit of a talking to after the wedding. I think I went a little too far trying to blow out the unity candle during the prayer. I didn't want everyone to take off to the reception and burn down the hotel after all.

Anna P. and I caught up with one another at the reception for a little play time. Thankfully I got to change my clothes so I could get anything on my outfit I wanted.

On Sunday I was invited to Anna's for breakfast. Blueberry pancakes and turkey bacon YUMMMY! Afterward there was about 15 min of no rain-no sun either, but at least no rain. I wasn't thrilled with the waves, so I hung out building sandcastles.

Finally Monday before we left we met up with the Grime's for a quick lunch and swim. Uncle Ross gave me a pretty cool lesson in airplanes!