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Monday, December 1, 2008

All in the family

My uncle Babur and Aunty Haniya live in Atlanta which also happens to be one of my ma's favorite places-so over Thanksgiving weekend we took a trip down the mighty Mississippi (well, to the East but I have a song stuck in my head)

Ma thought if she leaves early enough I'd sleep some of the way HA HA HA. She's not really gotten any smarter in the last 2 years has she. I was up by 6:30. Arby's was open so it was Turkey sandwich and a bannana for breakfast. I only ate the cheese and bannana though. Ma also set me up with the laptop and a movie, this is like flying first class.

Ma had me pretty excited about going to see Hani my cousin....I screamed and sang most of the way down to Georgia.

After a nap we stopped for gas and got something to eat.At least it wasn't the other way around, it's a long drive!

Hani and I hit it off pretty quickly. I shared my rasins and toys and he showed me around his pad. We have a lot in common; both like a lot of milk, both enjoy the outdoors, and both have a wide vocabulary which begins with the word "mine".

I was a little concerned my Uncle Babur wouldn't know the story behind Thanksgiving, so I decided to give him a quick history lesson. Seems he can relate a bit to the "white man" taking over someone's land. up!

Among the other activities, we got to go Ice and Roller Skating. This was soooo fun! I had no idea how fun being pushed around would be. The roller skating was a little easier, I was even able to go off on my own as long as I was on the carpet. No wonder my ma loves it down here. I even got to make another friend, Faris. He's a little older, but a lot of fun. My ma says I look like I snuck into the photo, really I had been busy and wasn't paying attention.