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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's taken some adjustment beng back in the States, but my new life isn't so bad. There are a lot of things (and people) I miss in Pakistan. Mainly the people, but the indoor swimming pool was pretty awesome. My time at home now is spent in similar ways though, just new things to get into and explore. There's a lot of work that needs to be done too.

Recently I got some of these numbers that stick to our fridge. I'm quite impressed, but frankly they don't belong on the fridge so I guess it's up to me to keep them on the floor. *update, they are now in a sandwich bag since people kept stepping on them*

My mia and papa's friends bought me a Raggedy Ann doll. She's pretty fun, and I've managed to figure out how to pull her hair out. Now she's looking REALLY Raggedy!

One morning I awoke to the sound of "whirr whirr whirr". Naturally I had to explore the situation. I found my papa in the other room hemming my ma's pants. He looked like he needed some help. I regularly have to help my papa....I'm not sure how he managed before I got here.

Naps are an important part of my day. With all the work I do around here; cleaning the fridge, babysitting nappy haired dolls, tailoring, etc.'s a good thing for me mia is willing to rock these tired bones to sleep.

Corn dogs and funnel cakes

A few weeks ago ammi and her friend Sherry took me and Braiden to the county fair in Kennett, Mo. Let's just say I'll put this in my "cultural experiences" box. Oy.

We were pretty excited when we got there....Braiden and I ran all the way from the car to the gate.

I had no idea these things went so fast! Ammi put 20$ to place on mine.

This would be the BEST BATH EVER!

"Yeah, can I get a cheeseburger and a small chocolate shake"

For anyone who knows my ma, it won't come as a shock that I didn't get a corn dog or any funnel cake. Me and Braiden did, however, get these nifty horns to blow on the whole 25 min home :)