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Saturday, September 20, 2008

My trip to Memphis cont.

Sunday morning my aunt Mary and Uncle Ken took me to feed the ducks in the back yard (really, the lake is just outside their back gate...isn't that great!).


Hey, if Uncle Ken can do can I


My trip to Memphis

I got to go down to Memphis to visit my Uncle Ken and Aunt Mary last weekend. It was so much fun!

Aunt Mary took me into the pool. It was only 1.5 feet, perfect for me!!! She also taught my ma to swim so this was cool AND historic (cause they're old ya know.)

Blowing bubbles in the water...hhmmm....seems like I can do this from the other end too......

It didn't take long for me to want to go off on my own-Aunt Mary was right behind though.

When you don't prepare to go don't have swimming pampers...and when you don't have swimming pampers....well, it's a fun sight for all!

time to unwind

After work mom and I like to go to the park for a chance to let me get all the extra engery out of my system. I'll climb and ride anything I can get to, mom says she's going to have to get me a helmet and some knee pads soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


My ma took me to Build-a-bear....what I didn't know was she was trying to create a security blanket for me since she was going to start dropping me off at some lady's house during the day.....already with the trickery. but it was fun....I hope to go back soon (hint hint ma)

First, I picked my animal...I chose the puppy, I love puppies.

Then the lady took it from me....I wasn't too please about that at first, seemed a little rude...but she made it huggable, so that was nice.

Then of course came the grooming. I named him Benny....well, ami suggested it, on account she had a cool pup named Benny once.

Everyone's a critic

I went to my first movie a couple of weeks ago. My ma thought I'd enjoy it since it's a musical-but really I had more fun running around the lobby.

Papa thought I might like to carry the popcorn. No, I didn't get to eat much of this-it was memaw and papa's, but I did manage to grab a few peices before it was snatched away from me.

We had to grab a picture...this is a 1 screen town, this is history baby! (you notice the pg13 right....nice mom, nice)