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Monday, May 26, 2008


My auntie's birthday was last Sat. Of course that meant a trip to the mall with ammi to do some shopping. I even got to wear my new outfit! WOO HOO!

An evening at the park

With the weather as hot as it is, getting out is a rare treat. I spend a lot of time on our terrace or in our garden, but I don't venture much further than that typically. The other night, however, was a special treat because we had a break in the weather so ammi and dado took me to the park behind our house. WHAT FUN!

Ammi wanted a quick pic before the stroll. I just wanted to get going before anyone changed their minds!

The park is pretty big, it's in four sections really, and has a walking path around it. I enjoy the side with the slide and swings and such.

Look ma, one handed!!! (my ride didn't last long, sadly)

I made friends with a little girl (poor thing, they shaved her head...but I told you it's hot here!). We had a nice time playing "catch".


After running and playing I was hot and tired. On the way home we grabbed an ice cream and a corn on the cob (ammi always says Lahore is like Arkansas!). I LOVE these popsicles!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

School days, school days

Ami works at a school...she's not a teacher so I don't know what she does. I got to go to work with her one day and a lot of fun.

Make it quick ma...I'm trying to make friends with Fahd over here

I just couldn't make it through the whole day. Phew, good thing this lady knows how to rock a girl to sleep.