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Saturday, February 16, 2008

The clothes make the girl

I've always been a fan of clothes shopping. In addition I've always recieved a bounty of cool items from friends/family. Since coming to Pakistan I have chosen my favorites to wear regularly because the weather demands I stay bundled up.

Aunty Jessica got me a REALLY cool outfit (mom lost the pictures).....While I don't wear the skirt in this weather, I LOVE my sweater. Aunty says it's a "nerdy" sweater-hey, you know what they say about Asians.

This wonderful warm and fuzzy number was given to me by the grandfolks Grimes. I am sure glad to have it! Mom and dad call me a monkey in it.......and I'm the weird one!

Splish Splah

I've always been a fan of bathing (well, except that first time was a pain). Thankfully they've gotten me a bigger tub since this was shot.


Dad's pretty handy with his mobile video camera. Mind the quality.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Just here and there

Mom likes to take my picture, and I think it's pretty fun myself!

We went to Pizza Hut not too long ago, I was far too interested in the salt and pepper shakers than anything else. (You'll notice I have my hair styled just like daddy!)

I love balloons, and it always seems SOMEONE is bringing some in for me. It helps they sell them on the roadside I guess.

Nozma aunty makes roti dough about once or twice a week. I think I've got the recipe down, now if I can just get someone to let me play in it!


Not my finest shot, but ami thought it was cute.

I like to play in dado's room, there are kittens, drawers to be emptied, and sometimes she plays games with me. I have no idea what she's saying, but it's fun.

Chinese food in Pakistan??????

Ami had an off on Tuesday because it was a "bank" (national) holiday. Daddy and I decided to take her to lunch. Chinese food is one of her favorites!

I tried to explain to daddy HE can sit in the car seat and I would happily drive. It's probably obvious I was the minority in this vote.

Helpy Selfy!

Chicken chowmein...hhmmm, something different. Are we confident this is bird-flu free?

Pick up a noodle, throw it on the floor....pick up a noodle, throw it on the floor. My parents aren't real bright, they keep giving me food day after day, and day after day I just throw it on the floor.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Just the two of us

While I'm waiting to begin my new daycare, I spend my days with daddy. We have a pretty neat routine down and have a good time together. I'm glad to have the time to catch up, there has been LOTS to share.

Some days we get a bit of a late start....7:30 instead of 7. I don't know how anyone can sleep under that thick blanket, it's tooo hot in our room.

Daddy and I have breakfast. Well, he tries to get me to have breakfast, but I don't have time for that. Sometimes he gets a little ahead of himself and puts me in a highchair...then I have to put him in HIS place!

After breakfast we stop by dado's room for a visit. She's not too well these days....afterward we head to the terrace for some sun and bird watching.....gotta dress warm he says.

We have kittens!!!!

We have a cat "Lizzie" and she's really nice. One day she decided it was time to have the middle of the bedroom floor. Ami and aunty Lami jumped in and got Lizzie in a box and helped her have her kittens properly. Ami was pretty grossed out, but made it through. Daddy hid behind the door.

Lizzie had no idea what was going on. Ami had to get a plastic bag to pick up one of the kittens cause Lizzie was dragging it around on the floor. I'm sure glad I wasn't born that way!

Once all of the kittens were born, Lizze (and ami) calmed down and things went back to normal. We have four all together, 1 girl and 3 boys. Daddy feels finally the house has gotten a little more even!

It's been about a month, and they are all so big. Daddy named the girl kitten "Kelly", and Ami named the one she helped "Simon" (maybe cause they are Siamese?)
The box stays in dado's room and she let's me pet them. Just as long as I'm "gentle"......I wonder what that means.