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Thursday, January 24, 2008

the big O N E!

It's about time someone gave me my crown! You can't be a proper princess without the proper attire.

This wasn't QUITE the cake Ammi ordered....language barriers can be a pain. Daddy said it was still pretty.

All this birthday stuff is SOOOOO exciting!!!!!

A queen must have a throne!

OOhhhhh, my very own tabla! (S. Asian drums). THANKS NANI!

Icing is fun to play in! (secret:I didn't really eat any of the cake, it's all over my face cause daddy was trying to be funny)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rollin, in my 5.0......

Ammi and Daddy went out and bought me a brand new ride.

Well, it's not really a RIDE so much as a push...i.e. I PUSH IT MYSELF! Is this a joke????

Yeah, I'd like a double cheeseburger, and a strawberry milk shake.

The benefit to this "walker" (I've come to learn it's name), is I can get to things people won't take me to...HA!

The problem with Chinese made stuff is you can't do any of the repair work yourself. *@&%# imports!

Bhangra Baby

I love to dance, "It's Rocking" is my new favorite. I got a little side tracked because the door bell rang....but still I have so much fun dancing to this song!

In YOUR sweet dreams

My mom and dad thought they would pull one over on me and get me a crib as soon as we got to Pakistan. HA! I didn't sleep in one in the U.S., you're kidding yourself if you think I'll just hop into one now. What, do I look like I was born yesterday???

Ammi thought since she put my first crib together she'd let dad give it a go on this one. He did a good job.......

....if by good job means to not be able to escape.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Home again home again jiggidy jig

After a couple of days of being side-tracked thanks to some issues here in Pakistan, I FINALLY got in the car to head to Lahore.....HOME! It was so nice to see everyone.

The car ride from Islamabad is a little boring. With the stop it took about 5 hours.....and I had already grown tired of the toys ammi had packed in the carry-on bags. Oh well, when left with nothing else....entertain yourself!

HEY! I know this shoulder!!!!! DADOHHHHHHH!

AAAHHHHH DADDDYYYYYY!!! So nice to see you after so long. Those phone calls just weren't cutting it!

In the air again

Ammi and I have taken off again to the land of Pakistan. The news doesn't make it look so nice....but it's not so bad. Some people do some pretty mean and stupid things, but that is everywhere isn't it. I'm excited because I get to be with daddy again! He's cool. And so is my aunty Lami and my dado (grandma). I also got to meet my Uncle Amer in England during a, this is busy work traveling!

It's important to eat before you get on the plane for a long flight, because airline food is not so, I prefer to eat healthy.

It was a nice visit in the international terminal. My cousin Haley was there to see me off, and of course nani.

It didn't take me long to catch up on some sleep. We'd had a pretty busy couple of days with Christmas and all. I'm so thankful for my pillow....saved me from having a horrible strain on my neck.

At the Amsterdam airport they have a baby lounge. There's a place for me to play, sleep, even take a bath. It was a nice place to stretch my legs.

Hmm, these maracas have come in handy. While ammi collected the luggage in Manchester, I kept busy with the leap frog lady.

I got to finally meet my Unle Amer and Aunty Shebana. They've sent me some really cool clothes so now I got a chance to say thanks. He's a funny guy! (and he kind of looks like my daddy.....)

I really did have a first Christmas!

I know some of you may be wondering where I've gone. Well, we can discuss that later, first I'd like to show you some pictures from my very first Christmas. What fun!!! I got to open presents....and not just my own...

Ammi is all about educational toys, and we LOVE it was a great find in these maracas. I can shake them and make music, but they also count and say colors.

I just want everyone to know, I AM not responsible for this mess.....for once.


But Papa.....there is NO Santa I don't HAVE to be good!

On Christmas morning we all get up, put on our best clothes, and open presents from "Santa Clause" (the grandparents)

(more pics to follow)