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Monday, December 1, 2008

All in the family

My uncle Babur and Aunty Haniya live in Atlanta which also happens to be one of my ma's favorite places-so over Thanksgiving weekend we took a trip down the mighty Mississippi (well, to the East but I have a song stuck in my head)

Ma thought if she leaves early enough I'd sleep some of the way HA HA HA. She's not really gotten any smarter in the last 2 years has she. I was up by 6:30. Arby's was open so it was Turkey sandwich and a bannana for breakfast. I only ate the cheese and bannana though. Ma also set me up with the laptop and a movie, this is like flying first class.

Ma had me pretty excited about going to see Hani my cousin....I screamed and sang most of the way down to Georgia.

After a nap we stopped for gas and got something to eat.At least it wasn't the other way around, it's a long drive!

Hani and I hit it off pretty quickly. I shared my rasins and toys and he showed me around his pad. We have a lot in common; both like a lot of milk, both enjoy the outdoors, and both have a wide vocabulary which begins with the word "mine".

I was a little concerned my Uncle Babur wouldn't know the story behind Thanksgiving, so I decided to give him a quick history lesson. Seems he can relate a bit to the "white man" taking over someone's land. up!

Among the other activities, we got to go Ice and Roller Skating. This was soooo fun! I had no idea how fun being pushed around would be. The roller skating was a little easier, I was even able to go off on my own as long as I was on the carpet. No wonder my ma loves it down here. I even got to make another friend, Faris. He's a little older, but a lot of fun. My ma says I look like I snuck into the photo, really I had been busy and wasn't paying attention.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

keeping up appearances

Since I took some time out for myself last Saturday by shopping and going to a movie with Braden, I decided it was time for a little quality time with the grandparents.

I'm all too familiar with the rest home here in Piggott. My grandparents spend quite a few hours a week volunteering here and sometimes I stop by and let those little old ladies see my shining face. Today Memaw was calling BINGO....FOR added bonus for stopping by.

Me and the ladies are pretty tight. They prefer BINGO to poker, but memaw won't let me play with the letter balls so what fun is that!

After all the visiting I was famished....I talked the grown-ups into taking me to this new Chinese resturaunt not too far from here. My ma's pretty crazy with what she let's me eat (or, I should say won't let me eat), but today she gave me some lo-mein noodles and even a french fry! I'd never had the noodles before and let me tell you how good these things are!!! (once you figure out how to eat them that is)

So, not only did I get the yummy noodles, but I also got a little bit of sherbert after my lunch...I think my ma must have bumped her head recently. Mmmm mmmm good

Are you sure you want YOUR ice cream papa????

After we ate, the waitress brought these cookies....WOW, THIS PLACE IS GREAT! After I started into it, my ma informed me there was a message inside....who does that?? who delays the eating with reading?????

Following lunch we had to stop by my ma's favorite place (that would be sarcasim) and get diapers. Memaw found me a toy which, as you can see, I was really into.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

weeee oooooo weeeeeeee oooooooo (my ambulance impression)

My first trip to the emergency room was thursday night. No big deal really, my ma just wanted to make sure things were going to be okay. See, I went head first into my new toybox (see a previous post about my toybox). We're not real sure how it exactly happened, but I cut my upper gums pretty good. First, let me say, you're life flashing before your eyes really doesn't take too long when you're not even two years old! Second, for all you young'ns out there-don't try to play with a blanket over your head no matter how cute you think you are. Although ma knew I was fine, she was worried about what I should eat/drink and if I could cause it to open any more-so she just needed a little guidence-but boy did she pick the wrong place to go! (but I digress)

There's wasn't much of an initial wait, suprisingly the folks in Piggott weren't out showing off their chainsaws this particular evening. First I went and saw a man who checked my temprature and my blood's in the mouth sir, I'm not having a stroke or something (ma said it's proceedure) Now I see why healthcare costs so much!

Of course I had to get on the scale...this country is so obsessed with weight! Lucky for him he kept any fat jokes to himself. As he can see, I'm not afraid to get a little blood on my shirt!

The waiting started when we got into our room. I don't know what the hold up was, but good thing I am always able to find a way to entertain myself.

After I'd had enough it was time to get out of here. The dr. lady was nice, but kind of an idiot....let's just say she went a little overboard and freaked me out for no reason. If she wanted to look in my mouth all she had to do was tell me to show her my teeth, I know "aaahhhhh". Instead, she tried to wrap me up in this sheet like a one else had to do that, she could have just asked first...geesh, and they say I'm the dramatic one! (someone owes me an ice cream)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Papa loves to build....and I sure love to play. This week I got a desk. I'd never seen one before, and never was I allowed to play with colors yet either....I think it has something to do with the fact I tried to paint a mural on the kitchen wall this morning.

Some may wonder why my truck was in the's not really, it just got painted and brought in the same day the desk did.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pimp my ride

My papa decided to build me a toybox, but not just any toybox-he also wanted me to have some fun at the same time. Since I had so much fun on the trucks at the carnival-my ma and papa decided it might be kind of cool if I had a truckbox!

Papa works hard in his shop...i.e. garage.....he builds a lot of neat things out there. I think the truck so far tops the list.

I got to give it a test drive before the final touches were put on. Definitely up there with the H3.

My ma got all dressed up and came out to put some designs on it. I got to help.

eat your heart out gangstas!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Home Sweet Home

It's taken some adjustment beng back in the States, but my new life isn't so bad. There are a lot of things (and people) I miss in Pakistan. Mainly the people, but the indoor swimming pool was pretty awesome. My time at home now is spent in similar ways though, just new things to get into and explore. There's a lot of work that needs to be done too.

Recently I got some of these numbers that stick to our fridge. I'm quite impressed, but frankly they don't belong on the fridge so I guess it's up to me to keep them on the floor. *update, they are now in a sandwich bag since people kept stepping on them*

My mia and papa's friends bought me a Raggedy Ann doll. She's pretty fun, and I've managed to figure out how to pull her hair out. Now she's looking REALLY Raggedy!

One morning I awoke to the sound of "whirr whirr whirr". Naturally I had to explore the situation. I found my papa in the other room hemming my ma's pants. He looked like he needed some help. I regularly have to help my papa....I'm not sure how he managed before I got here.

Naps are an important part of my day. With all the work I do around here; cleaning the fridge, babysitting nappy haired dolls, tailoring, etc.'s a good thing for me mia is willing to rock these tired bones to sleep.

Corn dogs and funnel cakes

A few weeks ago ammi and her friend Sherry took me and Braiden to the county fair in Kennett, Mo. Let's just say I'll put this in my "cultural experiences" box. Oy.

We were pretty excited when we got there....Braiden and I ran all the way from the car to the gate.

I had no idea these things went so fast! Ammi put 20$ to place on mine.

This would be the BEST BATH EVER!

"Yeah, can I get a cheeseburger and a small chocolate shake"

For anyone who knows my ma, it won't come as a shock that I didn't get a corn dog or any funnel cake. Me and Braiden did, however, get these nifty horns to blow on the whole 25 min home :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

My trip to Memphis cont.

Sunday morning my aunt Mary and Uncle Ken took me to feed the ducks in the back yard (really, the lake is just outside their back gate...isn't that great!).


Hey, if Uncle Ken can do can I