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Friday, December 21, 2007

I need a tailor

Walking is something I make a regular attempt at. Here's the belly is wider than my legs are long, therefore my pants tend to be a little on the lengthy side. I've spoken to ammi about this and she assures me she'll get right on it.

Despite what ammi wants, I don't want to wear shoes. But come on, aren't these jeans fabulous! My aunty Shabana sent them to me all the way from the UK, she must be a fashion designer with all the cool clothes she sent!

Okay, it's left, right, left, are filming aren't you? This could be it!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Weekend Getaway

Last weekend Ammi and I went up north to see the Grime's. I met them once in April, but I really have no recollection of such meeting. I had a lot of fun and got to do all sorts of neat things.

The beds in this place are soooo cozy! They tried to stick me in the closet in what appeared to be a cage, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? You know, this bed is actually heated.....awww sweet slumber awaits!

Um, is anyone aware of the dangerous animals roaming freely on the grounds? I'm not sure what this beast is up to, but I don't think I'll stay between it and the door!

Would someone mind waving a stick or something and distracting this four legged creature, I'd like to get to the toys!

Wait....there's MORE?

I got to play with Anna Piper's toys. I hope she doesn't mind. She has great taste in toys, I think we could be good friends.

Well hello there. You must be Mr. Grimes. I'll call you papa grimes. Why yes, I would like you to read me a story, thank you.

I thought being on memaw Grime's lap I'd be safe...but here's yet ANOTHER creature. My goodness, it's like Sigfried and Roy!

Hey there, can I give you a hand? Let's just say I'm second generation helper!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

drum roll please

Well, I've finally done it....I'm standing all on my own! Not only is this standing a hoot, the falling on my bottom is pretty fun too. You should try it sometime, it brings much enjoyment. (pay no attention to the stuff in the backgroun, all part of our preparing to move to be with daddy)

The villagers all ran into their huts in fear the giant would crush them.

gobble gobble gobble

Since it's well known I love food, it should be of no surprise I was excited to hear of this "Thanksgiving". A day devoted to eating??!!! Goodness, how I longed for something like this throughout my life.

Mom and Papa came up for the big day. I got a new outfit and was all set to hit the fine establishment where this great feast was to take place. I'm sure glad they came, as you see-it takes two to carry, they are a lot of fun.

Ammi doesn't really enjoy getting her picture taken-but since this was another first for me, I talked her into being part of the great documentation process. Well, I don't know she agreed, so much as "okay fine" was sort of the end of our little talk. geesh,parents these days.

WHAT THE...... this is it??? This is all I get??? Where's the feast, the platters of food...the turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing.....I got robbed....

Okay, well....I admit, I did make quite a mess on the floor with the veggies ammi
gave me (except the bell pepper, I LOVE the bell pepper). From that moment, ammi stopped putting food in front of me-so I just shared from her plate. Um, this stuffing is a little dry people.