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Monday, September 24, 2007

"On the road again"

Went down to the land of cotton this past weekend. It was a nice time. Of course I went to memaw and papa's house. They were surprised to see me, but we managed to have a great deal of fun.

Papa welcomes me with a big hug!

Cause baby there aint no mountain high enough.....I pulled myself up for the first may want to hide the keys to the liquor cabinet!

I'm not allowed much dairy, but these ice cream cones are a real treat-especially because I had a sore throat these last few days.....I'm hinting toward sympathy here people.

We went and visited with Auntie Cindy for a little bit. She's really cool-and has a cool dog. She coaches women's athletic teams and they are REALLY good. My ammi went to college with her....but I think they spent more time drinkin' and hookah-n to remember what they studied together. Oh, and they played football together.

I go to church with Auntie Myleea when we visit. It's okay, a little long. We always have lunch afterward and ammi and Myleea discuss all sorts of things that I don't quite understand. Ammi credits Auntie Myleea with why she actually began to enjoy college.

Not much to do in the car on the way home. I get a little tired of the long drive-sometimes we get to stop and shop-but mostly ammi is all business.


Well, what else do you do when you go down go to a HOOT-N-NANNY! (for unfortunate children). Now, don't worry-they weren't celebrating unfortunate children, rather it was a fund raiser for them. You will notice the video.....and you can see how I just got all "tuckered" out. Some of you won't recognize the lady in the middle....I recommend googeling "minnie pearl". For others, you'll understand why it was an honor to be photographed with the great (and, errr, late) performer.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? In the words of my great cousin Alex "I swear there's some inbreeding going on here"

Monday, September 17, 2007

Rodeo Drive, Baby

As I've grown-it was high time someone took me shopping for some new clothes. Enter nani!! We drove up and hit three of my favorite stores, Osh Kosh B'Gosh, Carters, and of course, Old Navy. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (except I wasn't dressed like a hooker when we went, and I didn't spit my gum onto the road)

Here I am, showing off my mad hat skills. I love being up here, I can see everything, and drool on ammi's head.

Scooting around Old Navy-these carts are cooler than a stroller because I can see ammi and let her know as I see things I like. The shopping bag is right in front of me, so I can just fill it up as we walk along.....

This giant dog was pretty nice. He sat politely on the bench, and when I pressed the little red button he would say something nice. He sure is bigger than nani's dog!

Ammi didn't really encourage my licking of the plastic dog in public...let's say I had to have my mouth wiped out afterward, and the dog his head!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Alright already with the pictures!

My ammi LOVES her camera, and LOVES to take pictures. It's a good thing she's digital, or the cost of development would put us homeless!

Take the picture! I got places to roll!!!

Ammi and I have been walking at the park these days. Weather has been great. I get to look at the ducks and whatever else is crawling around in the water, and mom gets a mile in. She tried to go further, but I got pissy. I got to stop at the swings though...weeeeee

One small step for babies....

In the words of GRITS "Here we gooooooo" This isn't a long video, but it's from the second day I crawled. The first day was actually on the exam table at my Dr.'s office two days before, but this was the first time at home. It was exciting because my memaw was also there. If I get something better I'll let you know.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Day in the Life

I am frequently asked "how was your weekend" when I return to school, so I thought perhaps I would share with all of my loyal viewers a taste of what it is I do.

I tend to wake up pretty early, today it was my usual 5:30am. I got in bed with ammi and she went to fix me a bottle. I've been eating a lot at night's been rough let me tell you. While she was gone I thought I'd catch some cartoons.

A little later it was bath time. I enjoy morning baths more than evening baths. After a long day at school I just want to take it easy, a morning bath lets me play and splash around!

Shortly after my bath I decided I wanted to have breakfast. I've gone off cereal, so I had tofu squares and oranic pear juice (yes, I enjoy them). I also had some organic crackers. I don't know what the non-organic stuff taste like, but I'm diggin' this stuff!

A little roll on the living room floor (covered with a blanket of course because carpet is ichy). I've begun to crawl, which is a bit tedious, I'd much prefer to walk. I enjoy playing on the floor you see me...roll, roll, you don't. LOCK THE DOORS!

Later we went to the craft fair. They had some interesting things there. I got a cool new outfit (which won't fit for a few months) and this cool do-rag. Luckily I was wearing my purple skirt and they gotta coordinate ya know.

Lastly, it was time for a ride. The weather was FANTASTIC tonight and I thought "hey, why not" It was a great end to a great day. Luckily no one saw me poppin' wheelies around the neighborhood or my ammi would have taken my driving privileges away.

Friday, September 7, 2007

20lbs 28 inches

I've stayed pretty much the same weight for a few weeks now, but I've grown taller! My 6-9 months pj's are not quite as long on me as they should be.....but that's part of becoming a big girl. I love to show off my mad skills....sitting up, rolling around the room, and now starting to crawl. What a wonder of trouble I can get into NOW.

Another trip to the studio

Memaw and Papa came to spend the night before leaving for Vegas. We had a lot of fun, and went and had pictures taken (my favorite thing). We played a lot, and I even showed off my crawling skills, they were quite impressed.

I was so busy trying to play with Papa and the lady told me to stop looking at him....come on lady, this guy is too fun!

Four generations

The photographer said "give her a big kiss"

One for the that lady over there was being funny.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mom and her new camera

My ma is all over the place now with her new camera. I don't know how it happened, something about selling the car and now having a camera....DOES A CAMERA COST THAT MUCH??? Anyway, here she is, playing around....

Saturday, September 1, 2007

To market to market

Here's a "just for fun" post.....cause ma said I was looking cute! We went to the grocery store this morning, the weather was chilly when we left, but didn't take long to reach the upper 80's UF! These are my favorite shoes, and they go nicely with my jeans.

Table for one please

My ma went out and got me a new high chair the other day. I enjoy this little game of drop the tasteless gives me a new one.....drop the tasteless gives me a new one. She won't trust me with the tasty o's (they aren't cheerio's, they are organic o's)anymore....I tend to choke on them. Also, what's this "little bites" stuff? I say, get what you can in there....less ends up wasted on my shirt that way!!!