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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Down in the boondocks......

Today my ma took me to the Duqoin State Fair....bunch of tractors, rednecks, and hillbilly music. Oh, and a Pakistan flag!!! No kidding. My ma spotted it about 20 feet away and it was even folded over. There was a flag shop guy there and he suprisingly had one, of course it was a must have (and show). I proudly waved it through out the park. I also decided to goof off as well. I got my hands on a french fry, but my ma wasn't too thrilled and said I could't play with any more. I guess a fried potato from a fair doesn't fall in line with mother's organic homemade food. Oh well, that's what Nani is for :) Oh, and I got a new dress and braclet from an Ecuadorian lady. The dress is very nice and I can't wait to wear it. I have an aunt from Ecuador and I know she'll be proud. You'll notice I got to wear my new Old Navy hat as promised in a previous post. It's a little big, but it does a GREAT job protecting me from all this sun and heat we're having.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Watch the birdie....!

As everyone must know by now, not only do I love to get my picture taken, my ma loves to take them (or have them taken). My cousin Haley was down for the weekend and Nani (grandma) said we should have some pictures taken. These are just a few, but trust me, there are plenty of others! Even Nani got in a couple with us. WHAT FUN! Haley and I are, of course, always available for autographs after the shoot.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mmm Mmm Good

Today we went to an Indian restaurant and had lunch. My ma was talking in the same language as my dad! I thought maybe my family was there....but it was just the staff. I LOVE this food!!! It was my first time having South Asian food and man, I can't believe I've missed it this long. I had naan with gravy from my ma's chicken masala on it (it's her favorite) TASTY. After I was done gumming what she gave me, I just reached over and helped myself to what was on her plate. I don't like this rice stuff....if I can't hang on to it, how can I eat it??

(Afterward I got to go to Old Navy and get a fabulous new hat, thank goodness, I'm tired of looking like the Gilligan....I'll post a picture as soon as possible.)

Monday, August 6, 2007

Pakistan's Next Top Model

This past weekend we went to the Greenway picnic. This was my first year there (outside the belly), and man...IT WAS HOTTT!! My ma entered me into the Miss Baby Greenway Pagent. (I was number 4) Not really to win, just for the fun of it. I got to wear my dress my friend-auntie Rizwana got me in Pakistan. My Great-Great Grandma always wanted one of us grand-babies to I guess we can say this one is for her. I took 3rd place, which was pretty cool. I will say, it wasn't hard, I like to be paid attention to. Those other girls......such babies!

P.S. I'm pretty sure I am actually cuter than those other babies.....but I was the youngest. All in fun though, right.