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Friday, April 27, 2007

What's all this

I have discovered the outdoors, laying in the grass, soakin up the shade (b/c I'm not allowed in the sun yet) I particularly like looking up at the trees and watching the birds.....quite shocking!


I was in one of my happier moods and thought I'd go in for a photo shoot. Sorry huggies, mom says I'm too young to model. (I think she's holding out for Old Navy frankly)

Saturday, April 14, 2007

A few for the road

Dad always had his camera phone ready and waiting. I won't deny giving him a few cheeky smiles.
Dad says I look like mom when I scowl like this.

Me and aunty Nazma. I was pretty tired by the time this pic was taken. This was the night I was leaving, it was pretty sad for everyone.
I love to kick and move, as soon as I figure out what to do with my arms I'll be crawling, but for now I'll just practice running.

What parents do

My parents did not stop taking pictures!
I didn't have a crib, so one night when the mosquitos were really bad mom emptied out a suitcase and made a bed and put the mosquito netting around it. Thanks to Aunty Sara I was bite free that night!

Why do parents buy stupid things to make us wear?
You can't force this kind of cool, it's just God-given.

The Paki Family

After countless miles and three different countries, I got to Pakistan to meet my family and friends. What a great experience, too bad I won't remember any of it!Here's me the folks with Grandma and Nazma aunty, she's not really an aunt, but she's close enough to be one. She took great care of me.

Mom and dad, I was tired of getting pictures taken and was ready to just relax.
Me and grandma (dado in urdu)....I loved it when she held me, very cosy. I'd also hang out in her room in the mornings and play in the sun on the bed.
Mom had to go to the dr. one night and dado took care of me, I slept like, well, a baby.
Hmmm, I just love it when dado holds me. She walks around and sings songs. It's so peaceful. Hey, it's exhausting staying up all night!

Me and Aunty Lami

My aunty lami is really cool. She made me laugh a lot, and I think she's really pretty.

She got engaged recently.....I slept through the whole thing. Dad and Uncle Ali (not really an uncle) did a lot of work to make the whole thing very very nice.

Mom and Dad

A typical morning. Hey, I don't sleep at night and I don't look as bad as you two!!
Me and dad catching some zzzz's

You can beg all you want, but I sleep when I choose. We're on my schedule now!

Me and dad

My dad was a little scared to hold me at first, but I just flashed him a smile and you couldn't tear us apart!